Storyboarding (Full-time)

Every good artist tells a story.

This course provides an introduction to the art and craft of storyboarding, the initial conceptual process required before any feature can be created.

Led by our resident animation guru, Alex Williams, students will benefit from hands-on teaching one night a week, and will be set projects that will culminate in a final project for a live “industry brief”.

To provide additional support and practice there will also be an 8 week period of online mentoring and aftercare, in which students can polish their skills in a virtual classroom and receive ongoing feedback and support.

This course is ideal if you want to learn what it takes to become a storyboard artist in a studio environment.


Part One - Introduction to Storyboarding

  • General Introduction to Storyboarding: Introductory Exercises. Creativity, ideas and inspiration for stories. Gesture drawing, fast sketches, and research. 
  • Creating images which tell a story: Single images that tell a story. Gag drawings. Situations and character-driven ideas.
  • Standard industry storyboarding process: Script, beat boards, story reel and animatic. Movie structure analysis. Camera and Layout. Reverse-storyboarding a pantomime sequence. 
  • Character Design and Art Direction: Introduction to principles of design and visual development.

Part Two - Storyboarding Technique

  • Structuring a Scene: How to break down script pages. Progression and punctuation in a sequence. Staging. 
  • The Performance: Story beats, narrative structure, pacing, cinematography. 
  • The Animatic: How to edit, cut and time storyboards in Premiere, to create a storyboard animatic. Music, sound effects, voice-over and dialogue. 
  • The Pitch: How to pitch your storyboards. Acting, performance and delivery.

Part Three - Online Mentoring

  • Online mentoring will continue for a further 4 weeks. Students will be set a series of projects for delivery, using a VLE as an online virtual classroom. Tutors will provide online mentoring and individual bespoke video feedback.

Recommended reading

Prepare to Board! Creating Story and Characters for Animated Features and Shorts by Nancy Beiman.

Key software

Adobe Premiere

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Storyboarding (Full-time)

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