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Whether you're new to 2D, or just want to refresh your existing skills, this Online Taster session will give you an insight into the expertise, software and mind-set required to kick-start your Compositing career.  This online taster will give you the opportunity to get involved from the comfort of your own home!

Who’s leading the tutorial?

Jonathan McFall, teaches using Nuke and Maya at Escape Studios and he’ll be taking you through this tutorial. Jonathan’s an expert in the industry, having worked on a number of large productions such as Prometheus, Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and the last two Harry Potter films!  Nuke’s the industry leading software for Compositing, so Jonathan will be using it throughout the tutorial.

What will you learn?

The tutorial will be based on the set extension of a castle, taking the full shot from beginning to end. Jonathan will be taking you through the general techniques that are useful for extending anything inside your shot, such as adding in more people, extending the shape of a building, sky replacement and adding more pieces into the background; these are techniques that are frequently used in TV shows like Game of Thrones. 

What do you need to get started?
You’ll need a computer and access to NUKE. During the session, Jonathan will be using NUKE software throughout. You can get access to free, non-watermarked versions of NUKE for as long as you like, through The Foundry by downloading NUKE Non-commercial.

How do I get access?

It’s a quick and easy process to register for the 2D online taster.

Want to know more?

This session is just the beginning...

Take a look at our 2D courses and other courses run by Escape Studios, so you can take the next steps in getting industry-ready!


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Online Compositing Taster Course

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