• Introduction to Python Part-Time Evening Course

Introduction to Python (Part-Time Course)

Course Details
Where: Escape Studios, Shepherds West, Rockley Road, London W14 0DA
Duration: 5 Weeks
What’s on this course:

    • Week 1: Basics of Python, data types, how to store and change data, importing modules, what is object orientated programming.
    • Week 2: Loops and if statements, functions, main building blocks, list comprehension.
    • Week 3: Using Python standard libraries and external libraries, reading and writing data from files.
    • Week 4: Classes and how we can create our own Python objects.
    • Week 5: Bringing it all together. Making a Maya and Nuke tool using the concepts covered.

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Introduction to Python (Part-Time Course)

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30 July 2018

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