Character Design (Full-Time Course)

About the course

Character Design is a 4 week classroom introduction to the art and craft of character design.

You will learn the art and craft of character design - from understanding how great characters are formed to creating your own vision. There will also be an 8 week period of online mentoring and aftercare, in which you can polish your skills in a virtual classroom and receive ongoing feedback and support. The course is designed by animator Alexander Williams with individual classes taught by guest lecturers from the animation industry.

Module information

Part one - Introduction to Character Design

  • General Introduction to Design - Introductory Exercises. Creativity, ideas and inspiration for stories. Gesture drawing, fast sketches, and research. 
  • Creating designs which have character - Single images that illustrate personality and character. Design drawings. Situations and character-driven scenarios.
  • Industry character design process - A close look at the work of some leading character designers and how they work.
  • Art Direction - Introduction to the principles of design and visual development.

Part two - Character Design Technique

  • Designing animal characters - How to base designs on real life. Animal anatomy, Staging and character
  • Designing human characters - Life drawing, human anatomy, gesture drawing and character poses.
  • Character Situations - The interaction of character with a story. How do our characters fit into the overall story?
  • Model Packs, Turnarounds, Blend Shapes and Rigging Studies for CG

Part three - Online Mentoring

  • Online mentoring will continue for a further 4 weeks. Students will be set a series of projects for delivery, using a Facebook group as an online virtual classroom. Tutors will provide online mentoring and individual feedback.

Recommended reading

Alive Character Design: For Games, Animation and Film: For Games, Animation & Film Paperback - 31 Oct 2011 by Haitao Su

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Character Design (Full-Time Course)

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