Character Creation (Full-Time Course)

About the course

Character Creation is a 6 week classroom introduction where you’ll design, model, texture, rig and animate your own character.

Everything you need to bring your character ideas to life!

You’ll explore different character design techniques, create 3D models using Maya, and then paint and texture your character to give it a distinct look. Finally, you ’ll breathe life into your creation through rigging and animation.

This course is jampacked but is designed for beginners - to take you through every stage of the process. We use automated processes within Maya to simplify the workflow so you can create a masterpiece in a short period.


Module information

  • Intro to Maya - nodes, user interface, introduction to modelling including using orthodox graphic views
  • Intro to Zbrush - intro to UI and sculpting tools. Looking at character references and start sculpting the face.
  • Transpose tools, e.g. translate, rotate and scale. Continue to sculpt the face.
  • Sculpting details - using alphas and downloading custom alphas for skin
  • Create maps in Zbrush: displacement, normals, bump and cavity.
  • Import maps to Maya
  • Sculpt the hair in Zbrush
  • Import model with Mari
  • Start to paint and project textures
  • Import model to Zbrush to make blend shapes
  • Import blend shapes with Maya
  • Import a sound track and animate the character speaking

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Character Creation (Full-Time Course)

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