3D Animation (Part-time)

This course is the perfect follow on if you have completed our 3D for VFX Foundation course, or if you already have an understanding of the basics. You will learn how to use key software including Maya, Nuke, Mudbox and 3DEqualizer.

Best of all, it will fit around your day job or other commitments.

After completing 3D Animation, you’ll be to

  • Animate objects inside a Maya scene with efficient key-framing and understanding of animation curves.
  • Simplify the animation process with constraints, expressions and set driven keys.
  • Know how cameras work in the real world and in Maya.
  • Be able to track image sequences, export the solved data and reconstruct the scene in 3D.
  • Implement advanced techniques in order to improve the result.
  • Develop a moving VFX shot, including modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing.

Module information:

Module 1 – Locomotion and Mechanics

      • Week 1: General introduction to Maya – Animation Basics
      • Week 2: Animation Locomotion – walks and character walks
      • Week 3: Advanced locomotion - runs, hops, jumps and skips
      • Week 4: Animation mechanics – physical actions

Module 2 – Character and Creature Animation

      • Week 5: Introduction to Character Animation
      • Week 6: More on Character Animation - building and blocking a shot; parenting and constraints
      • Week 7: Animal locomotion, trots walks and runs
      • Week 8: Demo Reel, website or blog; jobs & careers

Our tutors are top industry professionals, so you’ll be taught by the best in the business whether you’re a student or graduate 3D artist preparing for the job market, or from a creative or technical background, keen to change career and get into VFX.

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3D Animation (Part-time)

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