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The VFX Festival 2017


  • The VFX Festival 2017 tickets

    The VFX Festival 2017 tickets

    Purchase tickets for the VFX Festival 2017 here. There are a limited number of double day discount tickets now on sale, so book early to avoid disappointment!




  • Cinematography for VFX (4 weeks)

    Cinematography for VFX (4 weeks)

    This course is a unique opportunity to get hands on and practical training using a mixture of on-set equipment and post production software to truly understand the bridge between production and post production.




  • One-Day 3D Visual Effects Taster Course

    One-Day 3D Visual Effects Taster Course

    Want to get a practical insight into what it's like to work in VFX?

  • 3D Foundation (Part-time)

    3D Foundation (Part-time)

    This course will give you a comprehensive foundation in 3D modelling, texturing and lighting inside Autodesk Maya, so it’s perfect for aspiring 3D artists looking to kick-start their career in the visual effects (VFX) industry.








Motion Graphics


  • Motion Graphics (Part-time)

    Motion Graphics (Part-time)

    You'll study in the evenings, take part in masterclasses by seasoned industry professionals and you'll develop a strong visual showreel, so you'll be job ready at the end of the course.